As a landlord, you are subject to certain legal requirements that must be satisfied in order for you to take advantage of the protections and remedies that may be available to you in the event of a default on the part of your tenant(s).  Whether the real property in question is residential or commercial in nature, the team at Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, is here to help you navigate the complexities that oftentimes arise in disputes involving rental property, to include eviction proceedings.  We can also work with you to ensure that the proper strategies and processes are in place so as to reduce the likelihood of future disputes.  The attorneys at Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, have a great deal of experience with respect to preparing and reviewing lease agreements (residential and commercial) and representing clients with respect to summary proceedings.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an issue involving real estate, please do not hesitate to contact Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, at (517) 796-1444.

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