There may be a variety of remedies available to you if you are facing a dispute involving a real estate transaction.  Two of the most common issues facing clients today are foreclosure (land contract and mortgage) and forfeiture.  When a buyer defaults under a land contract or mortgage agreement, the seller or the lender may bring an action to foreclosure the contract.  Forfeiture, on the other hand, is a common remedy for land contract sellers.  A “forfeiture action” refers to the process by which a land contract seller seeks to terminate the buyer’s interest under the land contract.  Both foreclosure and forfeiture actions are subject to strict procedural and legal requirements that must be followed in order to sustain a viable claim.  Whether you are a land contract seller considering the possibility of taking legal action against your buyer or an individual seeking guidance with respect to negotiating with your lender, the attorneys at Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you with the various issues that may arise as a result of these disputes.  For example, we represent and provide practical guidance to clients throughout Michigan involving the following issues:

  • land contract foreclosure,
  • land contract forfeiture,
  • mortgage foreclosure,
  • tax foreclosure,
  • document preparation and review, and
  • real estate litigation.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding an issue involving real estate, please do not hesitate to contact Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, at (517) 796-1444.

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