If someone owes you or your business money, then the team at Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, can help you lawfully collect that money by utilizing an approach that is both comprehensive and cost-effective.  We understand and appreciate that collecting monies due and owing to an individual or a business is extremely important.  This is why we we serve our clients by not only helping them address existing and ongoing issues involving debt collection, but also by working with our clients to create and implement successful strategies so as to minimize debt collection issues in the future.  The attorneys at Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, have helped clients throughout Michigan in matters involving the following issues:

  • breach of contract disputes,
  • open account/account stated,
  • land contract disputes,
  • mortgage disputes,
  • claim and delivery actions, and
  • post-judgment collection actions.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding an issue involving debt collection, please do not hesitate to contact Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, at (517) 796-1444.

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