Arbitration is a method of ADR that involves the use of a neutral individual to decide a dispute outside of a court setting.  The neutral individual, referred to as an “arbitrator,” is typically chosen by the parties to the dispute based on his or her specialized knowledge, training, or experience relating to the subject matter of the dispute.  In some cases, the parties choose a panel of arbitrators (rather than a single arbitrator).  A decision or opinion issued at the conclusion of the arbitration hearing is binding and enforceable in the same manner as a judgment issued by a court.  The attorneys at Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, have a great deal of experience representing clients throughout the arbitration process.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an issue involving arbitration, please do not hesitate to contact Inosencio & Fisk, PLLC, at (517) 796-1444.

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